Senior Recitals

Students at the 300 and 400 levels may receive academic credit for performing a half or full recital.

  • Preparation: Typically students will prepare for recitals over the course of two or more semesters. Interested students should notify their instructor as soon as possible.
  • Eligibility: Instructor permission is required. Students will be expected to demonstrate sufficient preparation at a Jury (final exam) at the of end the semester before the recital.
  • Practice: Students preparing a recital are expected to practice 12 hours weekly.
  • Fees: Lesson fees apply as usual, but there is no additional fee for the recital course itself. There is no additional fee if the Staff Accompanist is used.  Students are responsible for the costs of invitations, programs, professional recordings, or receptions.
  • Accompaniment: The Staff Accompanist will normally be available for recitals. Practice time with the accompanist will be at the discretion of the accompanist.
  • Recital support:  The student recitalist is responsible for managing all aspects of the recital.  The recitalist will manage room reservations for recital and dress rehearsal, invitations, publicity, programs, ushers, audio or video recording (optional), and recital (optional).  The instructor and Director of Performance are always available to consult in this process.  Important additional procedures for room reservations are listed on the Recital Registration Card, linked below.
  • Enrollment: In the semester of the recital, in addition to the normal lesson registration, students should fill out the linked Recital Registration Card (pdf) to register.
    • MUSP 315:  Half-credit recital
    • MUSP 320:  Full-credit recital
    • MUSP 415:  Half-credit recital
    • MUSP 420:  Full-credit recital