First Year Seminars

The First Year Seminar (FYS) is designed for and required of new students at the beginning of their college studies. It offers students the opportunity to learn in small classes through reading, discussion, writing, and critical engagement with controversial ideas. Sections are taught by faculty representing every part of the college’s liberal arts curriculum.  Music titles from past years include:

  • The Guitar as Cross-cultural Matrix (Prof. Allen)
  • Gods and Dwarves, Rings and Rivers, Hitler and Genocide: Examining the Art and Legacy of Richard Wagner (Prof. Urban)
  • Rock of Ages: Images of Jesus in Popular Music (Prof. Case)
  • Social Empowerment Through the Performing Arts (Prof. Searles)
  • From the River Jordan to Jazz: African American Music 1619-1945 (Prof. Sears)
  • Visionary Opera, Nazi Propaganda, and Cinematic Soundscapes: Untangling the Legacy of Richard Wagner (Prof. MacPherson)
  • In Search of the Muse: Why Do We Make Music? (Prof. Harbold)
  • Irish Music and Celtic Essence (Prof. Allen)