Music Theory Placement

The Music Theory Placement quiz will help us assign you to the correct Music Theory Course.    First year students typically take MUSC 113MUSC 114, or MUSC 115.  In order to receive your course recommendation in time for course registration (Orientation or Add-Drop), plan to take the test a few days in advance. Prof. Will Mason will contact you with a course recommendation.

You should take this quiz if:

  • You are taking credit lessons. (You’ll need Music 113 or 114 or 115 during the first year of lessons.)
  • You are beginning a music major.
  • You are interested in music theory but uncertain which course to take.

It’s okay if you don’t know the answers. The results will help us recommend the best course for you.

Click here to view the Music Theory Placement Quiz on Canvas

More questions?

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