Music Alums

Going Places – Montana Rogers ’14

Hoping to better understand the country’s culture, Montana Rogers heads to Bulgaria to study its musical history before pursuing grad school.

Alex Grover
Alex Grover ’09 is keeping busy in music. By day he teaches K-8 music in the Salem, MA public school system. In the afternoons, he leads an award-winning Salem High School a cappella ensemble. In the evenings he is performing in his first paid musical.

Amanda Daly
Amanda Daly ’03. PhD Student in Ethnomusicology, Boston University; Singer. Amanda was the first independent Ethnomusicology major to graduate from Wheaton.

Ryan Saunders
Ryan Saunders ’00. Executive Director, Chorus of Westerly (R.I); Singer. An emerging and critical professional cultural field that has developed over the past decade is arts administration.

Jordan Trundy
Jordan Trundy ’10. Apple Computer Employee, Baritone. My first year out of college took an unexpected but surprisingly excellent turn.

Parker Tichko
Parker Tichko ’10. Researcher on Infant Music Cognition, Composer, Producer, Music Critic. Parker graduated from Wheaton College with a double concentration in music and psychology.

Ben Spalter
Ben Spalter. Development Officer, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Trumpeter. Stage fright was my reason for not performing for a living.

Brooke (Bisson) Hubner
Brooke (Bisson) Hubner ’02. Church Organist, Wedding Musician, Grantwriter, Fulbright Recipient.

Sky Sabin
Sky Sabin ’10. Film Maker, Farmer, Surfer, Songwriter. Since graduation I have gradually begun to build a reputation as a film maker.

Ray Aglugub
Raymond Aglugub ’99, Manager, Data Management Services; Musicologist. Ray received his master’s degree in musicology from Boston University in 2007.

John Campopiano
John Campopiano, Independent Ethnomusicology Major, ’08. Graduate Student in Library Science and Archival Studies, Practitioner of Fretless Banjo and Musical Saw.

Liz McKay
Liz McKay ’08. Medical Student, Soprano. After graduation in May, 2008 I spent 2 years working as a Clinical Research Assistant at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.

Kate (Tanguay) Kent
Kate (Tanguay) Kent ’06. Music Teacher, Violinist and Chamber Musician. Upon her graduation from Wheaton Kate delved into the private school teaching world.

Nina Murray
Nina Murray ’09. Baker, Pianist, Flutist. My education in music has woven into my life after Wheaton in a rather non-linear way.

Lauren Henderson
Lauren Henderson ‘09, Vocalist; working for MTV Networks. After double majoring in Music and Hispanic Studies at Wheaton, Lauren has been able to apply her studies at Wheaton to her career in New York.

Ginger Clarkson
Ginger Clarkson ’70 is a Board Certified Music Therapist, a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery, and a teacher of Vipassana meditation.

Travis Worthley
Travis Worthley ’05. Composer, Teacher. My experience as a composer since graduating from Wheaton has been deeply rewarding.