Classroom faculty

  • Delvyn Case (Composition, Symphony Orchestra, Theory, Pop Music)
  • Alexandra Lutkevich (Chorale and Chamber Singers)
  • William Mason (Music Theory, Music Technology, Contemporary Music, Jazz Band)
  • Earl Raney (Sight-Singing, Wind Symphony, Brass)
  • Ryan Saunders (Arts Administration)
  • Julie Searles (Ethnomusicology and World Dance)
  • Ann Sears (American Music, Music Education, Film Music, Piano)

Large ensemble Directors

  • Delvyn CaseĀ (Symphony Orchestra)
  • Alexandra Lutkevich:(Chorale & Chamber Singers)
  • Diamond Centofanti (Jazz Band)
  • Earl Raney (Wind Symphony)
  • Sheila Falls-Keohane (World Music Ensemble)

Lesson instructors

  • Bassoon: Adrian Jojatu
  • Brass: Earl Raney
  • Cello: Zarina Irkaeva
  • Clarinet: Diamond Centofanti
  • Conducting: Alexandra Lutkevich (choral), Earl Raney (instrumental)
  • Flute: Kathleen Boyd
  • Guitar: William Riley (Classical)
  • Oboe: Cheryl Bishkoff
  • Organ/Harpsichord: Juan Mesa
  • Percussion: Dan Hann
  • Piano: Ann Sears, Leslie Amper, Lisa Romanul, Alexandra Lutkevich (Classical piano); Diamond Centofanti (Jazz/Modern piano)
  • Saxophone: Diamond Centofanti
  • Tuba: Tom Gregory
  • Viola: Consuelo Sherba
  • Violin: Sheila Falls-Keohane
  • Voice: Joanne Mouradjian (Classical/Broadway)
  • Voice: Linda Barbieri (Opera/Classical/Broadway)
  • Other: Contact Will Mason

Additional music staff

  • Symphony Orchestra Concert Master: Ethan Wood
  • Symphony Orchestra Viola Section Leader: John Biatowas
  • Chorale Accompanist: William Hume

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