For Applicants to Wheaton

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We’re glad you’ve discovered our web site, which has a wealth of information on Music at Wheaton. We invite you to explore the site and contact our faculty members regarding your specific questions.

Visit Wheaton!

A visit to campus is the best way to get to know any college. If you plan to be on campus, please let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to arrange for you to meet faculty and students, and to visit our classes and rehearsals. This is of course easiest to coordinate during the semester, when classes are in session.  If you have questions on specific areas of our curriculum, please feel free to contact the related faculty. To contact the department, please contact our Department Chair Ann Sears.

Applications and Auditions

At Wheaton, students apply to the college, not the music department, so there are no auditions required for admission. (Auditions for lessons and ensembles take place at the beginning of each semester.) Many applicants choose to include a CD, DVD, or musical résumé with their application materials. Such materials do not need to be professionally produced. The Music Department will review all music-related submissions, and will have an opportunity to make recommendations to the Admissions Office regarding applicants’ likely contributions to musical life at Wheaton.

Scholarship Aid

At Wheaton, 60% of students receive some sort of financial assistance. Consistent with our belief in a well-rounded liberal arts education, our merit scholarships place priority on academic achievement. The Admissions and Financial Aid departments award all merit scholarships, including those intended for musicians. The Music Department does award a small amount of scholarship aid to help advanced non-majors who cannot afford lessons. These scholarships are awarded each semester based on faculty nominations and on students’ merit and need. If you are interested in lessons but cannot afford them, please meet with the instructor, and inform her or him of your financial need. See Admissions for further information on scholarships at Wheaton.