External Resources


The American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages, one of our major professional organizations, provides information about the field and an excellent list of language programs. Also includes other Slavic and East European languages, instructions on computer fonts, links to bookstores, and a list of graduate schools!

The American Council of Teachers of Russian, part of the American Councils for International Education, is dedicated to the study of Russian and to exchange programs with Russia and the former Soviet States: an excellent resource for programs, funding and even job listings.

The Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, another reliable professional organization, covers social studies as well as language.

Language Mentor Links
The orphaned “Russian language mentor” site has not been updated since 2003. However, it does have an excellent list of links with megasites, dictionaries, and both language and social studies resources.

Sher’s Russian Index: A LIST of LINKS
“More is More”:  Yo-Yo Ma once explained his all-cello-orchestra tribute to Rostropovich as very appropriate since “for Slava: more is more.” … In the same spirit, check out this about-as-exhaustive-as-it-gets “List of Links,” compiled by the late professional translator Benjamin Sher.

SIMPLIFIED Russian webcasts
Russian webcasts in *simplified* Russian, adapted from authentic original Russian broadcasts,  АКА  “Новости недели на упрощённом русском языке, a project of the National Capital Language Resource Center.”

Wild Russia site
Great site on the bio-regions of Russia and their ecology. Lots of pictures of the non-touristy parts of Russia.