Language – Русский язык

“Ты один мне поддержка и опора, о великий, могучий, правдивый и свободный русский язык! … You alone are my comfort and support, o great, powerful, righteous and free Russian language!”
— Ivan Turgenev, 1882

OK, a sample … Here’s your very first Russian word, in the Russian
alphabet, the word for “atom” : ATOM or атом.
This is “koshka” or cat: кошка. Koт, though, is a big tomcat.
The words for coffee, café, mocha, coma:  кофе, кафе, мокко, кома
Streaking up in the sky, we find:  комета.
Can you guess these two cities:  Москва, Бостон?
One is near Wheaton college, the other is the capital of Russia.
… For the record, you have just read twelve different Russian letters.

And more LANGUAGE RESOURCES and links below ….

Russian Dictionaries

The Madeleine Wallace Clark Library at Wheaton

At least sixty-six Dictionaries and related reference items come up in a search of the Library’s on-line catalog, using the keywords “dictionary” and “Russian.” Some are in the stacks, some in reference. Do check out these great resources.

Dictionaries On-line, Russian, and Serbian and Belarusian etc.

A list of available dictionaries, focused on the Slavic world.

Language Dictionaries online
A more general list with all kinds of human, etc., languages. Yes, the list does include Klingon.

Rambler: English-Russian dictionary
A Russian site, allows you to find words from English into Russian. A bit limited.

The Russian Picture “Dictionary” 
For the child in all of us. Simple, basic pictures with Russian words. For the early elementary level, and for fun.

Grammars and Exercises for Russian

Interactive Online Russian Reference Grammar
by Robert Beard, emeritus of Bucknell University.

The Golosa Web Page for our Beginning Russian textbook, Golosa, provides computer help, updates and Russian links.

You may also look for more material on this web-site for the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages. And just call it “Atsiel.”