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This page is dedicated to our students, both current students and past stars. More great pics can be found here здесь.

Class of 2022 had the first “regular” Commencement in a while; congrats to Tia, Zoe and Leigh for all your accomplishments. Zoe and Leigh graduated with triple majors; Tia “only” two majors –but she also earned the very first Global Honors at Wheaton for her work on indigenous Siberians!! All three presented at the Harvard-Wellesley-Wheaton Conference at Harvard, yeah (and Nadia ’22 was in the audience) !!
Oh, and Leigh was awarded a Fulbright to Mongolia: in October Leigh left for Mongolia for a full year of teaching English through Fulbright. We miss y’all !!

And we miss also:
Class of 2021 — Aba, Tay and Nadia — graduated with a hybrid ceremony, wearing masks and blue irises. In April Nadia had won the best presentation award at the Harvard-Wellesley-Wheaton Conference, for her presentation on the Soviet Arctic. Nadia and Tay are reconsidering where to go for grad school.
Class of 2020 had to graduate during COVID with a totally virtual graduation. Parents sent baby pics 🙂 for the presentation. Lucia is back in Maine, Nick worked in D.C. as a consultant and in fall 2022 he started grad school at Georgetown. And Casey-the-triple-major is getting an MA in Russian and East European Studies at Yale. (Class of 2020 was given a special make-up mini-graduation in May 2022, we got to see and hug Lucia and Casey.)
Class of 2018: Jack is in California, Anna is in grad school at the University of Michigan, Justin and Amanda are now married !!!! and back in the US after years working in Europe, Georgia and Poland.

Ashley, Iris, Ian, Jess and Lily graduated in 2017, and to everyone’s delight, professor Tom Dolack returned to Wheaton in time for their senior year! Amanda and Justin, ’18, had both come back from a year in Saint-Petersburg, right in time for their senior year with Anna and Jack.
In 2016 as with many years we had a lovely new group of students in our “Baby Russian” class, and that year’s Fulbright TA Farida Akbaeva took lots and lots of pictures (many posted below.)

Dear Alums !!  Recognize anyone up there?
That terrific picture above was taken by Fulbright TA Alla Savelieva in our Intermediate class in spring 2011.
Back: Alyssa ’12, Krista ’12, Lovina ’12, Sam ’13, Jimmy (Imre) ’13.
Sitting: Nick ’14, Sam ’13, Christine ’13
By the way, Alla is currently teaching English writing at the University in Baku, Azerbaijan. And she spent last summer here in the US, working for the Bolshoi children’s ballet camp in Connecticut.

Ran into Stephanie and Katie from 2012 at the 2017 reunion. We may end up setting up a separate page for alumni’s stories, so write. We want to hear from you, so please send a note, send pics, tell us how and what you’re doing.

About the Alums featured in our image gallery below (Pictures are from 2017 and earlier):

  • Casey ’20 is in grad school at Yale. Nick ’20 is working as a consultant. Back then on the photos she was hugging duckies and he ran with flags.
  • Amanda ’18 went to teach English in Poland for several years. Justin ’18 spent a Fulbright year in Georgia, then got a degree in Poland. He and Amanda are now married and back in the U.S. Anna ’18 is in grad school at the University of Michigan.
  • Nick ’14, after his year in Moscow (really an pretext to trot all over Europe from Montenegro to Paris …) and his Fulbright year teaching English in Moldava, worked at the National Endowment for Democracy in D.C. Then he returned to the Boston area to attend grad school at Tufts International Studies.
  • Alex ’13, who spend two summers in Russia, one in Nizhny Novgorod and one interning at the National History Museum in Moscow, completed grad school at the University of Chicago, and went to work at Brandeis.
  • Stephanie ’12, who spent her Fulbright year in Tartu, Estonia, researching linguistics, completed her PhD in computational Linguistics at Ohio State and is now teaching Linguistics at OSU.

We miss you all, do keep in touch!

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