Learning Outcomes

  1. Psychology majors will have a historical-critical perspective on fundamental concepts of psychology as a science including its similarities to and differences from other sciences.
  2. Psychology majors will be familiar with and have a basic understanding that will enable them to employ these diverse research methods in the field of psychology. They will thereby become informed consumers of psychological research as it is reported in both the professional and the popular literatures.
  3. Psychology majors will be able to analyze critically the various perspectives and methods of psychology.
  4. Psychology majors will achieve both oral and written communication skills.
  5. Psychology majors will develop information and technology literacy.
  6. Psychology majors will ground their skills and understanding in internships, practica, and other forms of experiential learning.
  7. In keeping with the college’s infusion policy, psychology majors will incorporate the study of race and ethnicity along with their intersections with gender, class, and sexual orientation in their understanding of human experience and behavior.
  8. Psychology majors will identify an appropriate career path by combining their knowledge and skills in psychology with their personal strengths and interests.