Psychology Department

Psychology is both an applied and academic field that studies human thoughts, feelings and actions as well as animal behavior. The Psychology Department is committed to supporting the college mission of education around, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and other categories as they relate to human behavior and functioning.

Modern psychology is broad and diverse in terms of both topics and methods. The faculty and course offerings in Wheaton’s Psychology Department reflect that breadth and diversity. We offer courses in animal behavior, cognition, developmental psychology, personality, social psychology, neuroscience, health, forensic, clinical and multicultural psychology. Students can take courses in both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Psychology is interdisciplinary by nature. The Psychology Department at Wheaton has connections with the natural sciences, the humanities, and other social sciences.

The Psychology Department has a number of experiential opportunities available for our students in field practicum and internship opportunities. Students can collaborate with faculty on research in psychology laboratories.

Students who major in psychology work in a wide variety of settings including schools, human services organizations, research labs, and corporations. They can have careers in marketing, human resources, biomedical research, criminal justice and mental health.  

For more information contact the chair of the department, Associate Professor Matthew Gingo

Contact the Chair

Matthew Gingo

Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair of Psychology Department


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