Experiential Opportunities

There are many ways to gain hands-on experience related to psychology. The department encourages students to join faculty in research projects, take an experiential course, participate as research subjects themselves, or work in the field as an intern or in a paid position.

Student-Faculty Research

Psychology students have the opportunity to work with faculty in many ways. Below are some of the current research projects. Many of these projects are Wheaton Research Partnerships. Wheaton’s faculty are constantly engaged in original research, and for years Wheaton students of many disciplines have contributed to this work.

Learn more about Student Research Projects.

Experiential Courses

The psychology department has courses that offer experiential learning.

  • As a Psychology major, you’ll take a required lab course in your junior or senior year that gives you hands-on experience with research in human or non-human animal behavior. There are lab courses in Social Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Animal Communication and Cognition.
  • Psy 334 Practicum in Human Services. Students spend 6 hours a week as interns in a mental health, child, family, or social service setting.
  • Psy 337 Practicum in Psychology Research.  Students spend 6 hours a week in a psychology or neuroscience research laboratory.
  • Psy 500 Students who are eligible may apply to work with a faculty member to complete a 2-semester senior honors thesis.


Psychology students can get experience in the field through Psychology Internships. Make your summers, January, and any spare time count. The Filene Center can help you set up internships, and students may use their community or trustee scholarships to fund internships.


Psychology students can get experience in the field through employment. Contact Career Services to learn about local employment possibilities for Psych majors. You can also seek employment at our laboratory preschool, the Wheaton College Early Education Center.

Volunteer Service

The Center for Social Justice and Community Impact is the umbrella under which various community serveaice opportunities are available on campus. Drop by their office on the ground floor of Cole Memorial Chapel or dig into their web site to learn more about what Wheaton students have done and to explore what we might accomplish together.

Center for Social Justice and Community Impact
Cole Memorial Chapel
Ground Level
26 East Main Street
Wheaton College
Norton, MA 02766-2322

Contact the Center’s staff

Study Abroad

There are a number of study abroad programs that give Psychology majors an opportunity to do internships (e.g. BU/London, Dublin, or Sydney). See the Center for Global Education to find out more.