Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study abroad and still complete a licensure program?

Is the program state accredited and is the MA license valid in other states?
Yes, and Massachusetts has an agreement with NASDTEC that facilitates licensure conversion with other states (consult the websites of the respective state education department for details).

Is it possible to play an intercollegiate sport and still earn a license?
Yes, it is possible. Speak with an education professor and your coach.

When do I need to decide that I want to earn a license?
It is recommended that you meet with an education professor as soon as possible during your first year. However, it may not be too late if we meet during the fall of your sophomore year.

Can I still teach if I graduate without a license?
It is still possible to teach at a private school or some public charter schools. Some hard-to-staff public schools hire preliminary/provisionally licensed teachers on an emergency basis. Some programs will guide you towards a license while you teach. But the most reliable way to prepare for a teaching job is to earn an initial license.

Will Wheaton help me to prepare for the MTELs?
Yes, Academic Advising offers free prep sessions for the MTEL Communication and Literacy exam each semester. Professors offer assistance with subject area exams.

What is the department’s policy regarding independent study?
Proposals for independent study must include clear statements of purpose and detailed plans. In order to be considered, proposals must be submitted before the last week of classes of the prior semester.

Can the department help defray the expense of the MTEL examinations?
There may be a limited amount of funds for Education majors who are facing financial hardship. Speak with your advisor about the availability of these funds.