Francisco Fernández de Alba

Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Faculty Affairs
A. Howard Meneely Professor of Hispanic Studies


Phone: 508-286-3631


Ph.D., Cornell University (2003)
M.A., Syracuse University (1998)
B.A., Nazareth College (1997)
Diplomado en Magisterio, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1993)


I love learning and teaching about contemporary Spanish culture and the political and socio-economic complexities of Spain. My award winning book about Madrid in the 70s has been translated into Spanish. I have recently co-edited a book about Spanish fashion and I have published articles and book chapters on Transatlantic studies among other topics (see my vita below). My next book explores what can mountains teach us about the culture and politics of Spain.



Sex, Drugs, and Fashion in 1970’s Madrid. University of Toronto Press: 2020. Silver Medal European Non-Fiction. 2021 Independent Publishers Book Award.

Antes de ser modernos. Sexo, drogas y moda en el Madrid de los 70. Trans. Anabel Palacios. Madrid: Altamarea, 2021.

Edited Book (with Marcela Garcés)

Fashioning Spain: From Mantillas to Rosalía. Bloomsbury: 2021. Read the Introduction.

Articles in Books and Journals

2019 “Transatlantic Coloniality in 1940s Cuba” Transatlantic Studies Reader: Iberia, Latin America, Africa. Edited by Sebastiaan Faber, Cecilia Enjuto-Ranjel, Pedro García-Caro, and Robert Patrick Newcomb. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. 21-9.

2017 “Cosmopolitan Postnationalists: The Case of Virgilio Piñera and Wifredo Lam” in Postnational Perspectives on Contemporary Hispanic Literature, eds Heike Scharm andNatalia Matta-Jara. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. 171-186.

2013 “Party to the People: the Spanish ‘Lost’ Generation” in Back to the Future: Towards a Cultural Archive of the Movida. (eds) Rosi Song and William Nichols. Fairleigh Dickinson UP. 155-77

2012 “Sexualizing Transatlantic History: Eduardo Mendicutti’s Tiempos mejores.” Nuevos hispanismos. Para una crítica del lenguaje dominante. (ed.) Julio Ortega. Iberoamericana Vervuert, 271-284.

2011 “Teorías de navegación: los métodos de los estudios transatlánticos.” In Hispanófila161: 35-58.

2011 “Burnt Poems: Virgilio Piñera and the Community of Critical Exchange.” In Revista de estudios hispánicos 45: 3-26.

2008 “Money and Commodities in Virgilio Piñera´s La carne de René.” In Symposium. A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures 62.2: 67-81.

2008 “El día de la bestia: Recasting Madrid.” In Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (Liverpool) 85.2: 33-46.

2007 “Still Violent After All These Years: Post-Franco Spain.” Introduction. Dissidences, Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism 3: 1-10.

2006 “Literatura chilena de avanzada, performance y video arte: Diamela Eltit en Lumpérica” in En el Umbral del siglo XXI. Un lustro de literatura hispánica (2000-2005), ed. María José Porro Herrera y Blas Sánchez Dueñas. 277-92. Córdoba, España: Servicio de publicaciones de la universidad de Córdoba.

2006 “Hacia un acercamiento cultural a la literatura hispánica.” Introduction. (Co-author). Iberoamericana 21: 99-108.

2005 “Reading as Watching: Lumpérica and the Moving Image.” In La Torre. Puerto Rico 38: 569-87.

Edited collections

2007 “Violencias en la España pos-franquista: antecedentes, representaciones e influencias.” Edited with Isabel Cuñado. Monographic issue of Dissidences, Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism 3.

2006 “Transatlántica: Idas y vueltas de la literatura y la cultura hispano-americana en el siglo XX.” Edited with Pedro Pérez del Solar. Dossier in Iberoamericana 21: 93-164.

Book review

2007 Transatlantic Translations: Dialogues in Latin American Literature by Julio Ortega. In Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos 31.2: 540.

2014 Baroque New Worlds: Representation, Transculturation, Counterconquest by Lois Parkinson Zamora and Monika Kaup. Hispanic Research Journal 15.2:186-7.

Manuscript and Works in progress


Free Thinkers, Fascists, and First Ascents: Mountains and Politics in Spain.

Articles and Book Chapters

“Adjudicating Legitimacy: Transatlantic Studies and its Critics.”

“The Cultural System of Heroin in Barcelona: Morir de dia (2011).”

“Visión imposible: Valle-Inclán en la Primera Guerra Mundial.”

Book Review

 Forthcoming. Fashioning Spanish Cinema. Costume, Identity, and Stardom by Jorge Pérez. Hispanófila.

Other Non Academic Publications

Book: Cómo ir al campo y pasarlo bien. Madrid: Alhambra-Longman, 1995.

Teaching Interests

I love sharing the languages and cultures of the Spanish speaking world with students. My classes are educational experiences that encourage students to achieve intellectual independence. Through questions and assignments I ask students to think for themselves and in global terms. Connecting through collaboration and communication, students in my classes take steps towards becoming global citizens and cultural ambassadors.

The classes that I most enjoy teaching are  the ones about detective novels, cities of Spain and Latin America, or my class on 1980s Madrid. Most of my clases address issues of class, gender, sexuality. We often discuss, race, memory, and identity. You can see below some of the classes that I have teach over the years.

  • HISP 101/102-150/200: Basic and Intermediate Spanish.
  • HISP 220-240: Advanced Oral and Written Communication I-II.
  • HISP 280: Introduction to Latin American Culture.
  • HISP 300: Spanish Internship: Latino Culture and literature.
  • HISP 306: Women and Modernity in Spanish Literature.
  • HISP 365: The Spanish Civil War: Memory, Text, and Image.
  • HISP 375: Transatlantic Detective Fiction.
  • HISP 400: Sex, Drugs, and Techno-Pop in Spanish Literature.
  • HISP 400: Writing the City.
  • HISP 400: 1980s Madrid.
  • At Brown University: “The Urbanization of Culture: BCN-MAD from Modernity to Postmodernity” (Graduate Seminar).

Student Projects

Honors Thesis

Jackie Presutti (Hispanic Studies). “El instante de muerte:
fotografía, prensa, y la finitud humana.” (2011). Director.

Samantha Andreacchi (Hispanic Studies/English). “Chicano Subjectivity and The Los Angeles Mediascape.” (2011). Reader.

José Díaz (Psychology): “Names Without Faces: A Study of the Interplay Between Self-Disclosure, Culture, and the Internet.” (2008). Reader.

Robin Doss (English): “The (re) Constructing of Identity in Chicano/a Literature.” (2006). Reader.

Research Interests

  • Contemporary Iberian & Latin American Cultural Studies
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • Media, Film, and Visual Culture
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Queer and Trans Studies
  • Urban Studies, Cultural Geography and Spatial Theory
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Political Theory
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Environmental studies


Hispanic and Italian Studies



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