Sociology Department

Our goal is to educate Wheaton students so that they may live consciously and thoughtfully in the world. Equipping them with the necessary intellectual tools, we teach our students the art and science of sociology, including its theories and methods, to work and act as informed global citizens.

We want you — our students — to be:

  • More informed about the world we live in.  Is global inequality widening or narrowing? Have we solved our racial problems or is a person’s race still a factor in how well they do in life? Is the family falling apart or just becoming more varied? Does the recent drop in the crime rate take into account white-collar crimes like predatory lending? Are current levels of immigration threatening or strengthening the US?
  • Better able to evaluate other people’s claims about the world, whether they be scientists or specialists, reporters or pundits, Internet bloggers or friends and acquaintances..
  • More competent interpreting ideas and expressing them clearly and persuasively to others in your writing and speaking.
  • More aware of others’ social situations and the policies and programs that could better their lives.

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A. Javier Trevino

Professor of Sociology


Knapton 303