Aristotle and Descartes agree: Philosophy begins in wonder. But have you ever wondered, “why philosophy?”  You’re not alone.

There is a growing body of evidence that shows that Philosophy majors do the best among all Humanities students on standardized tests (like the LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT); that employers value their ability to write analytically and solve problems creatively; and they have acquired the kinds of skills necessary for success not only in life but in an ever-changing, global economy.

Why Philosophy?

Did you know that Philosophy majors have the highest composite GRE scores among all majors?

Since 2000, Wheaton Philosophy majors have enrolled in PhD Philosophy programs at Brown, U. Arizona, UNC-Chapel Hill, Oxford University, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, U Illinois Chicago, U Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern, and Carnegie Mellon.

Did you know that Philosophy majors, along with math majors, have the greatest percentage change from starting to mid-career salary, more than doubling their salary with a 103.5% increase?  The next closest humanities field, Art History, sees an 81.3% increase.

Since 2000, Wheaton Philosophy majors have found employment in a wide range of fields.  While many are practicing lawyers in firms large and small, others are journalists, artists, medical doctors, coaches, teachers, consultants, or work in finance, management, marketing, and so on.  One works as the Assistant Director of Media Relations at Mass Port Authority.  Another is an investigative attorney with the National Science Foundation.  A third is seeking to become a Rabbi.

Did you know that Philosophy majors consistently outperform all majors on the LSAT exam and often achieve the highest average score of all majors? And did you know that Philosophy majors gain admittance to Law School at a rate higher than other popular fields?

Since 2000, Wheaton Philosophy majors have enrolled in the following law schools: Suffolk (3x), Georgetown (2x), Harvard, Northwestern, UNC-Chapel Hill, Columbia, Georgia State, U Montana, U Florida, U Colorado, New York Law School, Case Western Reserve, Penn State, the College of William and Mary, U Miami, Vermont Law School, Brooklyn Law School, Fordham, Stetson U, Vanderbilt, U Cincinnati.

Did you know that Philosophy majors gain admission to medical school at a rate of 50%, which is higher than other majors?

Since 2000, Wheaton Philosophy majors have been admitted to Harvard Medical School, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, and the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine. They have also enrolled in health science or health professional programs at Salve Regina University, Northeastern University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, and Southern Connecticut State University.

Did you know that Philosophy majors are among the top five performers on the GMAT exam; this is higher than any other Humanities major, and even noses out Economics and Computer Science?

Since 2000, Wheaton Philosophy majors have enrolled in MBA or MPA programs at Boston University, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, Suffolk, and Houston Baptist University.  They also own their own companies, have developed and marketed mobile apps or crowdfunding sites, and one currently works for Tesla Motors.

Did you know that in a recent survey, 93% of employers said that “a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems” was more important than students’ undergraduate major?

Since 2014, Wheaton Philosophy majors found full-time employment at a rate greater than all other majors at Wheaton except Computer Science.

Did you know that in a recent survey, more than 90% of employers say it is important that those they hire “demonstrate ethical judgment and integrity; intercultural skills; and the capacity for continued new learning”?

Since 2005, Wheaton Philosophy majors have interned at the MA Council Against Discrimination, Legal Aid Society (Cleveland), Filmmakers Alliance (Inglewood), Butler Hospital, Southern Environmental Law Center, Center for Families and Children, Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Cancer Legal Resources Center, National Association on Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (Los Angeles), American Red Cross, Audubon Society, and Wheeler Clinic. They have also interned abroad at Cross Cultural Solutions (Peru), Cavallini and Cantisani Studio Legale (Italy), and Chanzhou Jinyan Copper Company (China).

Did you know that in his defense speech, Socrates said that doing philosophy was the “greatest good” and that “the unexamined life was not worth living”?

Since 2000, Wheaton Philosophy majors have sought to make the world better through jobs at the World Resources Institute, Direct Solar Energy, the Humane Society, Make-a-Wish Foundation, PBS, and many more.

Did you know that if you followed the links provided; looked carefully at these studies, paying careful attention to features like dates, sample size, and methodology; questioned whether correlation implied causation; considered alternative explanations of the conclusions implied about philosophy; or challenged the general assumption that the value of philosophy rested in its preparation for various vocations or for outstanding test performance–if you did any of these things, then you are probably already philosophically-minded.  You would likely enjoy further study of the history, methods, and concepts of Philosophy that Wheaton provides.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a resource for any Wheaton student who wants to engage in philosophical discussions. Meetings are open to anyone who wishes to express ideas and questions freely, and to connect with a group of students who share these interests, including non-majors and those who have never taken a class in philosophy.

You can follow the activities of the club through their Engage page.