Barbara Clinger Fund

Barbara Clinger Endowed Fund in Mathematics

Due to the generosity of the Clinger Family, the Barbara Clinger Fund was established in honor of Barbara Clinger who taught in the Department of Mathematics at Wheaton from 1968 to 1997. The purpose of the fund is to support student achievement and success in mathematics in a myriad of ways for professional and personal enrichment.

Students can apply for funding to support a variety of activities, described in detail below. For more information on how to apply contact Tommy Ratliff, Chair, Department of Mathematics, at

Clinger Fund for Summer and Winter Support

In recognition of the possibility of expenses exceeding those offset by Wheaton Research Partnerships, REU funds, and the support offered by various Wheaton scholarships and fellowships, the Barbara Clinger Fund provides funding to mathematics majors and minors who are planning to be engaged in research opportunities and internships centered in Mathematics during Summer Break or Winter Break.

The student’s costs must exceed the REU stipend or funding from a WRP and/or Wheaton scholarships and/or fellowships. Costs can include supplies, travel, food and housing. No person can receive the funding more than twice, with priority to be given to students who have never received one of these awards.

The amount of each individual award is on a per-case basis.

Clinger Sophomore Experience Internship Fund for Math Majors

The Sophomore Experience is a required element of the Compass Curriculum. As such, the Department seeks to support mathematics students who would like to fulfill this requirement through a winter or summer internship during their sophomore year. Funding is not allowed for a course or a course-related internship. This fund seeks to provide equity of opportunity for students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue this valuable educational experience by helping to fund expenses exceeding those offset by the internship salary or other Wheaton funding.

Wheaton math majors entering, in, or finishing their sophomore year who have a confirmed internship that fulfills the Sophomore Experience requirement are eligible. If a student is not a declared major, they must clearly be on the trajectory towards the major, as evidenced through the student’s choice of classes, which should normally include 4-5 classes that count toward the math major by the end of the sophomore year. Students should FIRST seek funding from other Wheaton sources and then request additional necessary funds from the department.

The amount of each individual award is on a per-case basis.

Clinger Student Support Fund

The Barbara Clinger student support fund will provide monetary support to current students for expenses related to their mathematical education or to alumni in support of their pursuit of further education. This can include, but is not limited to, the following expenses: textbooks; technology support that is necessary for educational purposes; travel to conferences; graduate school exam fees; graduate school application fees; fees for actuarial or other professional exams; and registration and/or travel for conferences, educational competitions, or other professional development opportunities that are not otherwise funded.

This fund is meant to support both the items necessary for students to successfully complete their Wheaton education and to encourage students to pursue educational opportunities beyond the standard curriculum and their undergraduate career.

Those who are eligible are (1) current Wheaton math majors/minors who can apply for any funds and (2) Wheaton math major/minor alumni of any year who are applying to graduate school. These students or alumni may apply for funds to assist in their application to graduate or professional schools in any field. These include pursuit of masters or PhDs in any field, a degree in the medical or law field, and an MBA. Any student who did not major or minor in mathematics, but who chooses to pursue a graduate degree in a field related to mathematics is eligible to apply for funds to support their application process. Normally a student may receive funds for graduate applications only during one application cycle.

The amount of each individual award is on a per-case basis.

Clinger Graduate School Scholarship

Barbara Clinger Graduate School Scholarships support both Wheaton math majors/minors in their first year of graduate/professional study in any area and also Wheaton non-math majors/minors in their first year of graduate/professional study in a field of mathematics.

Those eligible are (1) Wheaton math majors/minors applying to or in the first year of graduate/professional school in any area OR (2) Wheaton non-math majors/minors with at least 3 college-level math courses applying to or in the first year of graduate/professional school in a field of mathematics.  Application for this scholarship must be dated and submitted to the Mathematics Department before completion of the first year of graduate/professional study. Before the scholarship is awarded, official proof of enrollment must be submitted to the Mathematics Department.

The graduate/professional study need not begin immediately after the completion of the Wheaton degree. No person can receive the scholarship more than once. This scholarship is not meant to replace any awards/scholarships that the student is receiving from the graduate/professional institution. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the Clinger Graduate Scholarship will be IN ADDITION to any funding from the graduate/professional institution.

The amount of each individual award will depend on the number of students requesting support.