German Club

The German Club is an organization dedicated to the appreciation, promotion, celebration and study of the German-speaking world (primarily Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), its cultures and language(s). The German Club does this by planned events that encourage linguistic and cultural exposure. From culinary outings to German restaurants and cultural trips to educational locations like the Goethe Institut in Boston or entertaining events and art exhibits, the club promotes a healthy, fun and educational interest in all of the aspects mentioned above. Here are some of our events:

  • Fasching
  • Film Night
  • Goethe Institut visit
  • Jakob Wirth outing
  • Kaffeeklatsch
  • Mai BBQ
  • Oktoberfest
  • Stammtisch
  • Weihnachtsbacken

The club is open to everyone, campus-wide, from those with no prior exposure to the language or culture and those that are curious about the country to those who may have lived abroad in a German-speaking country and are fluent in the language.

For a current schedule of events, visit the club’s page.