Study Abroad

The Wheaton French Studies department strongly recommends that students seeking proficiency in French spend a year abroad, or at least a semester, in a French speaking country.  Wheaton students study in Montpellier with the University of Minnesota program, and in Rennes with CIEE Rennes. Others take on internships in Paris through the Boston University Internships program. The linguistic, academic and experiential rewards these programs offer greatly enhance your undergraduate career.

In addition to programs in France you may choose (based on your major or side-interests) to learn French and gain expertise in other cultures–Switzerland, Morocco, Senegal or Cameroun, for example.

For help in selecting the best program we recommend that you write or visit the chair of the French Studies department, and visit the Center for Global Education.

Remember, study abroad in a French speaking country is not just for French majors and minors.  Students in the Sciences and Social Sciences can go for a year or a semester and take courses for credit in their majors.  The Universities of Paris, for example, offer a full range of science and social science courses.