Located on the 4th floor rooftop of the Mars Center for Science & Technology, the Wheaton College Greenhouse serves as a teaching collection featuring plants spanning a wide range of taxonomic diversity, ecological adaptations and economic importance. The greenhouse is also used as a research facility for student and faculty experiments and as a living collection for public outreach.

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In addition to four climate-controlled rooms, the greenhouse also contains four reach-in growth chambers.

Past student research in the greenhouses and growth chambers includes:

  • Plant response to fertilizers and light intensity
  • Genetic inheritance in consecutive generations
  • Dormant wetland seed germination
  • Cross pollination of Rapid-Cycling Brassica strains
  • Algae growth in different pH environments
  • Bean growth with Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  • Growth of albino corn for genetics studies
  • Seed bank studies

Alumni, students, staff, faculty and off-campus groups are welcome to tour the greenhouse.

Ben Ainsworth
Greenhouse Caretaker
Mars Center for Science & Technology