Anthropology Beyond Wheaton

Our majors – in Anthropology and in Anthropology & Public Health – graduate prepared to engage in opportunities ranging from national fellowships to careers in fields to postgraduate education. If these opportunities interest you, the best place to start is with your major advisor!

National Fellowships

Our students and alumni regularly win awards and fellowships that enable them to travel the world and engage in social change after graduation. They are Fulbright Scholars, Watson Fellows, Beinecke Scholars, Davis International Fellows, and Davis Projects for Peace award recipients.

Graduate School

The best time to begin the application process by talking to your faculty advisor is in the spring (or summer if you have been abroad) of your junior year. Ideally you will have all of your application choices made and take the test prep course over the summer and begin the application process itself early in the fall. Remember that there will be significant demands on your time in the fall of your senior year: the senior seminar, applications for Fulbright/ Watson/ Teach for America, TA or other internships. The more you can accomplish over the summer of your junior year the better off you will be in the fall. This is also true if you are thinking of applying for graduate school after you graduate. Faculty generally take off at the close of the spring semester so the best time to begin to meet with them about your graduate school plans is in the spring of the year you will apply (in other words, a full year and a half before you would like to enroll).

  • Phoebe Nerone, Class of 2023, Master’s in Medical Science with a focus on Global Health, Karolinska Institutet (Solna, Sweden)
  • James Margotta, Class of 2021, Ph.D. in Anthropology, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX, USA)

Our Graduates: Careers and Post Graduate Studies

For most of our students, their drive to travel abroad begins in Junior Year semester or year-long programs abroad. Explore the places our department has been below!

See where Anthro at Wheaton has taken graduates.