Kersti Alice Yllo

Professor of Sociology, Emerita


Ph.D., M.A., Sociology, University of New Hampshire
B.A., Sociology, Denison University


Main Interests

Sociology of the Family, Gender Inequality, Domestic Violence and Marital Rape, Feminist Research

Other Interests

In addition to my work in Sociology, I am interested in alternative education. I am the co-founder of The Pinecroft School, an independent elementary school for grades K-5 where my two children were students. A number of Wheaton students serve as Pinecroft interns each year.


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Teaching Interests

I teach courses on Families in Transition , Gender Inequality, and  Violence against Women as well as the gateway course for the major, Self and Society. In addition, Research Methods and Sociology Senior Research Seminar are the courses that advance student research in the department.

Student Projects

Sociology majors conduct independent research culminating in a senior thesis. Recent topics have included children and cyberporn, Bollywood and Indian identity in the diaspora,  Cape Verdian identity in the U.S., and socio-spatial segregation and the geography of wealth. Seniors present their research at the annual Sociology/Anthropology Research Symposium, which is now in its 32nd year.

Research Interests

My research focuses on wife abuse, including battering, marital rape, and abuse during pregnancy and I’ve published a number of articles and books on these issues. I recently conducted family violence research as a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Estonia, the country my family escaped as political refugees from Soviet occupation. I had the opportunity to teach a seminar on Violence against Women at Tallinn University and consult with policy makers working to integrate Estonia into the European Union. I have also worked on projects with both Boston Children’s Hospital and the U.S. Marine Corps evaluating the effectiveness of efforts to reduce domestic violence.

My current focus is on developing a global response to sexual violence in marriage. In partnership with anthropologist Gabriela Torres, I am working to move the issue of marital rape from the margins of scholarship on violence against women.  There has been a profound silence around sexual violence in marriage and we are breaking that silence. With support of a grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation, Prof. Torres and I organized the very first international meeting to address the issue of marital rape. We  have now founded the Marital Rape Network, a collaborative, interdisciplinary network of scholars and activists, to advance research on this form of violence around the globe. We are now editing a book entitled Marital Rape: Consent, Marriage and Social Change in Global Context which is under contract with Oxford University Press.