Betsey Dexter Dyer

Professor of Biology, Emerita


Ph.D., M.A., Boston University
A.B., Wheaton College


2008 Dyer “The Invisible World” (14 lectures plus booklet for Recorded Books Modern Scholar series)

2007 Dyer, Kahn,and LeBlanc “Classification and Regression Tree Analyses of genomic signatures reveal sets of tetramers that discriminate temperature optima of Archaea and Bacteria” Archaea 2:159-167

2007 LeBlanc and Dyer Perl for Exploring DNA Oxford University Press

2004 Dyer, LeBlanc, et al; “A DNA Motif Lexicon: Cataloging and Annotating Sequences” InSilico Biology 4:39

2003 Dyer A Field Guide to Bacteria, Cornell University Press

1998 Dyer “A hypothesis about the significance of symbionts as a source of protein in the evolution of eusociality in naked mole rats” Symbiosis 24:369

1997 Dyer in Explore the World Using Protozoa “The┬átermite as an ecological community”

1994 Dyer and Obar Tracing the History of Eukaryotic Cells Columbia U Press

Teaching Interests

    • Introductory Biology

    • Cell Evolution

    • Genetics

    • Parasitology and Symbiosis

    • Invertebrate Evolution

    • Bacteriology

Other interests

reading, cooking, dancing, playing basketball, thinking

Student Projects

I am part of the Genomics Research Group, working on regulatory sequences of the genomes of eukaryotes, with Mark LeBlanc, professor of Computer Science

Click Here to access the Genomics website

Contact us if you are interested in joining the group at any level. There are lots of projects for both biology and computer science majors.

Research Interests

Symbiosis; termite symbionts; evolution of cells; field microbiology; genomics